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About CIMIE2020

China (Beijing) International Metallurgical Industry Expo (CIMIE) has become one of the most influential metallurgical industry events in the world after more than ten years of precipitation.CIMIE has always been at the forefront of the industry and is committed to serving the metallurgical industry chain.CIMIE2019 brings together many enterprises from home and abroad,including more than 500 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions including China,Germany,the United States,Italy,Japan,Korea,France,Russia,Finland,Australia,Switzerland,Chile,South Africa and Turkey,and attracts more than 40,000 professional visitors. CIMIE exhibits cover metallurgical products,technology and equipment,metallurgical testing and automation,industrial furnaces and refractory materials,metallurgical environmental protection technology,metallurgical thermal processing,mechanical processing,power transmission and other fields. During the exhibition,major mainstream brands have come together to launch the latest leading products to show brand strength.The exhibition fully presents the diversity,internationalization and rich content of CIMIE.The successful holding of CIMIE2019 has effectively promoted trade cooperation and technical exchanges in the metallurgical industry,and played an active role in achieving high-quality development in China's metallurgical industry.

With the implementation of the "13th Five-Year Plan","Made in China 2025" and "Belt and Road" strategies,the metallurgical industry will usher in a broader domestic and international market and a new development environment.But opportunities and challenges coexist.How to do a good job in the new situation of business operations and enhance competitiveness,create new business opportunities,and seize new opportunities has become the most concerned issue for enterprises.CIMIE2020 closely follows the pulse of the market,deeply integrates new industry resources,controls the stable market support,presents high-quality metallurgical industry events for exhibitors and visitors,actively promotes the influence of CIMIE platform,helps enterprises to innovate and develop,and grasps future trends.CIMIE 2020 will be held in New China International Exhibition Center duringOct.14-16.The exhibition will hold a series of activities such as summit forum,academic exchange and procurement negotiation.At that time,experts and scholars at home and abroad will be invited to jointly analyze the development of the industry and share the latest scientific and technological development results.

CIMIE2020 invites every fellow friend at home and abroad to join hands in Beijing!